Is the FieldKit case UV resistant?

Is the FieldKit case UV resistant?

Yes! The FieldKit case is rated to f1, indicating that the material has met both UV and water exposure or immersion requirements as called out in UL 746C. The material is suitable for outdoor use with respect to exposure to ultraviolet light and exposure to water in accordance with UL 746C.
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    • Is the FieldKit case waterproof?

      The cases are designed to resist water intrusion from exposure to rain or splashes of water. They are not designed to be submerged in water.
    • I’m concerned about leaving a FieldKit station out in the wilderness for long periods of time. How durable are they?

      The FieldKit project came straight from expedition work in some of the least forgiving parts of the world. We’ve worked to make sure that our case and components are as durable as they can be. However, if you’re planning to deploy in a place that is ...
    • Are there extreme freezing temperature limits for my FieldKit?

      In very cold weather (i.e. -20 °C or lower), the battery for FieldKit will not work as effectively and may be damaged even by storage in these temperatures. The screen on the FieldKit’s internal hardware also may become sluggish in extreme cold. ...
    • When will I receive my FieldKit product?

      We are a small team building out our logistics processes for a complex product, so during the FieldKit presale period, it may take as long as 3-4 weeks for an order to be shipped to you. However, we understand that some customers are working within ...
    • Where are FieldKit component chips made?

      FieldKit blank circuit boards are made in China and assembled with the components in the US. Most integrated circuits (ICs) on the market today are produced in China or Taiwan. We source our microchips from companies such as Microchip Technology, ...