What are the best charging options for charging my FieldKit station?

What are the best charging options for charging my FieldKit station?

All USB cables are not created equal. It’s best to use the cable provided with your FieldKit. Failing that, use a heavy duty cable made for high current charging to reduce voltage drop. If you’re having trouble getting your FieldKit to charge over USB, the cable should be the first thing you try changing. FieldKit has been tested using Anker and Monoprice charging cables with success.

USB wall chargers are built in a wide variety of qualities and capacities, not all of which are adequate. FieldKit is tested using Anker brand chargers, and the use of high-quality, brand-name dedicated chargers which are not supplied free with other products is encouraged.

The use of USB battery banks is sometimes effective, but many of them, when presented with the low power draw of a FieldKit, presume there is nothing connected and stop providing power after a bit, so if you plan to use a battery bank with FieldKit, test thoroughly. We do not yet have a battery bank that we can recommend without reservation, but as we continue to test we will keep our documentation updated.

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    • Does FieldKit offer different cable lengths?

      No, we do not. But it is possible to increase the length with extension cables. SMA extension cables, if properly sealed against the elements, should be good to at least thirty feet for extension with no more than a 0.1% voltage drop.
    • I'm having issues connecting to my FieldKit station. What should I do?

      We're sorry that you're having problems getting connected. Here are a few things to try: 1. Check to make sure the station is broadcasting the correct WiFi. a. On the station's OLED screen, you should see two alternating WiFi signal icons at the top ...
    • I need to transfer my station to a different FieldKit account. How do I do that?

      Currently, only FieldKit staff can transfer station ownership. If you need to do this, send us a support ticket with the: -Name(s) of the station(s) to be transferred -Current station owner account -New station owner account We can then transfer ...
    • Are there extreme freezing temperature limits for my FieldKit?

      In very cold weather (i.e. -20 °C or lower), the battery for FieldKit will not work as effectively and may be damaged even by storage in these temperatures. The screen on the FieldKit’s internal hardware also may become sluggish in extreme cold. ...
    • Can I connect multiple solar panels to a single FieldKit?

      No. FieldKit’s charging rate is fixed regardless of how many panels are connected, so adding additional panels will not make it charge faster, and in many configurations it could damage the hardware. If you have a speciality application where ...